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Britta eased my Osteoarthritis:

"Britta treated my Osteoarthritis after the conventional steroid injection course became too invasive and stressful. Britta's caring attitude, calm environment and excellent treatment on a regular basis now keeps me almost pain free and gives me much more flexibility.  I would highly recommend her to anyone with joint pain."

Tina, Clapham



Britta helped my lower back pain:

"I never considered acupuncture treatment before until I had a trapped nerve in

my lower back on a business trip. I could hardly walk when I saw Britta and already after a single treatment session my mobility considerably improved.


I like Britta’s professional and thorough approach together with the detailed explanations she provides to patients like me who are not familiar with acupuncture. I do not get so much face time with any GP and now see acupuncture in a complete different light. Why swallow painkillers and mess up your digestive system when some needles at the point of pain can work wonders?  I have recommended Britta to friends and colleagues who suffer from back problems

and work related stress symptoms"

Chris, City of London



We conceived after only one session:

"I was 41 and we had been trying to conceive our first child in a very relaxed way for about 6 months. Having read a very positive article in The Sunday Times Magazine,

I decided to give acupuncture a try. Britta was very caring, needling me with great skill and after only 1 session we managed to conceive. Maya is now a lovely, healthy, bouncy 5 year old."

Kerstin, Earlsfield



Britta helped me throughout my pregnancy:

"I have PCOS and knowing this could affect my fertility added to an already stressful time as I tried to conceive. I found Britta's details online and called her for an initial consultation. From the first time I spoke to her, I felt at once she understood both the physical and psychological symptoms of my condition and in her typical, practical and sensitive approach was ready to help. 


Amazingly, it took just three months of weekly treatments for me to get pregnant! Britta also helped me throughout my pregnancy and during the first months of motherhood. Now I regularly recommend Britta to friends and women I meet going through what I did. I only wish someone would have done the same for me years ago!"

Desiree, Tooting



Britta is known as 'The Oracle' in our house:

"My husband and I had been trying for a baby for several years and had suffered a series of failed pregnancies and IVF treatments. A friend recommended Britta, who specialised in acupuncture. From our first appointment I felt she had listened, understood and could offer support on how to move forward. I came away feeling incredibly positive and focused. Britta treated me throughout the entire IVF process and was even able to help me give birth on my expected due date, which prevented me from being induced.I always felt at ease and relaxed in the calm environment of Britta's treatment room and would not hesitate to seek Britta's help in the future."

Geri, West Norwood


Britta is not ‘just’ an acupuncturist but a very caring person:

I was introduced to Britta through a mutual friend and over the past two to three years she has been treating me for menopausal symptoms with great success. Initially I had quite a few sessions to settle the symptoms down as I entered menopause which was a huge relief almost immediately. I wasn’t keen to use HRT and haven’t needed to with Britta on hand to help keep the symptoms at bay.


Britta is not ‘just’ an acupuncturist but a very caring person who takes time to

get to know you and who knows more about the way my body works than I do.

She administers advice over the phone or via email about what to avoid in my

diet but more importantly what to take to ease the symptoms of menopause. She understands that the odd glass of wine won’t do much harm but explains clearly how alcohol affects the menopausal body in particular and how to cope. I feel very lucky to have Britta in my life, she is like a well kept secret and I will continue to recommend her ‘only' to my closest friends. When I am boiling over Britta knows exactly how to turn the thermostat down.

Geraldine, Westminster


I had tried various kind of therapies... until I met Britta:

After severe head trauma from a motorbike accident I suffered from debilitating headaches, which interfered with my professional life. I had tried various kind of therapies to help me with my daily headaches until I met Britta. Within a short period of time, seeing Britta once a week, my headaches improved significantly

and within 3 months I was more or less headache free. Britta's approach, style and expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and knowing which acupuncture points she had to choose for my specific medical condition has resulted in a full recovery. Thank you so much Britta, for all your support. I am very happy to recommend you to anyone in need.

James, USA





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